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This page will be in permanent reconstruction to the moment of its godness e.g. its death.
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Visitors' book

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Lubos Motl's personal data

Day of the birth: December 5th, 1973
Colour of the hair: dark brown
Height (barefooted): 177 cm (it is 5'10")
Colour of eyes: dark brown
Marital status: single

address home:
Krizkova 5, Plzen 1-Roudna, 30164 (also server Odysseus has WWW pages here)
address to our hostels:
VSK 17.listopadu (B806), Patkova 3, Praha 8-Troja, 18200.
There is also our school canteen here.

Which page becomes MISS among all Czech pages?

Someone has included also this page between nomitated ones in the competition for the most beautiful, clever, sophisticated and so on in Czech country. Visitors of the page will be informed about the new progress.

This page is integrated into the international network

Academic Senate

Lumo has been elected to the Senate of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics. Senate's home page is available in Lumo's directory.

You can find nearly anything with Lumo and Lycos.
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Really, try to type anything here: Borivojek, Superstrings, Vaclav Havel, Animated GIFs... and probably the result will not disappoint you. Their database is about ten times as larger as their nearest competitors' one. It's sufficient to write the words characterizing the object of your interest in arbitrary order and Lycos will find many pages referring to the object - and it will prefer those covering more words that you wrote, objects where the words are near each other, where they are more important and so on...

Back to the welcome mcom.com page or the page of CESNET. You can also search together with Yahoo. Comparable level of importance as this page has remains domain of perhaps White house, CIA, Playboy or Penthouse.

Lubos Motl's studies

Lumo now studies at the Faculty of
Mathematics and Physics of the Charles University in Prague, Czech republic - majoring in theoretical and mathematical physics, the fourth year. This faculty owns buildings at Mala Strana, where many pages of users are available, at Karlin, in Troja (also in school canteen) and at Karlov. Lumo also teaches about 15 students of the first year of their physics studies - exercises from Calculus and exercises from Linear Algebra. Milos Zahradnik (Czech word for "gardener") and Lumo wrote a book called We are growing Linear Algebra. It's quite cheap, you can buy 350 pages of text for 97 Czech crowns only.
You can obtain new Chinese login names and perhaps other information about a person from our faculty.
Search for:
  • Hobbies: physics, computers, music (lyrics on ftp.leo.org), playing the piano, walking in nature, writing poems, stairs-jogging, mathematics (do you watch what's happening about the Fermat's Last Theorem?); sometimes I write something to the Pictures of Yellow Roses, our faculty's magazine
  • Emotional status: in love, but they say she's not the girl for me.

    Why Lumo? Well, it's just an abbreviation of his full name Lubos Motl.

    Lubos has nearly nothing to do with Lumo - the Charm of Finnish Cinema.
    (Lumo means "charm" in Finnish and also "light" in esperanto.)

    You can click on the state that you are interested in. I left the HTIMAGE format used in Mala Strana. Now I use directly the client-side clickable maps, so you will see immediately (on the bottom bar) the destination for your browser. But I had to pay one price - the HTML source is quite larger now.

    Imagemap of Europe

    Accounts on Unix machines

    Lumo sometimes connects to
    Diana in Troja, also to Csmat in Karlin and few BBS's: Sigma in Jindrichuv Hradec (University of Southern Bohemia), Floyd in Olomouc, Cool at Mala Strana, Auggie in Minnesota, A1fel at the faculty of electrotechnologies CTU and (which is the most usual) to Liane BBS in Liberec, where MadGeorge works as SysOp. And I should not forget my accounts on hostels and Unix in Mala Strana.

    Here are the main internet services that MadGeorge runs.

    Liane BBS where you can anonymous ftp server at the Liberec Technical University (ftp.vslib.cz) (managed together with other people)
    Netfind server able to find people in internet,
    NoseyParker server capable to search for files in Cesnet,
    World-wide server Veronica, which can search and index files via Gophers,
    Cesnet server Veronica able to do the same in Cesnet territory,
    Harvest server, which can collect files from internet.

    Academic institutions outside Czech republic

    Lumo's uncle Jerry Koliha teaches maths in Melbourne. Nevertheless also Princeton, Carnegie-Mellon University, Caltech (especially theory group), School of Natural Sciences sound interesting to Lumo's ears. Lumo is subsrcibed to conferences on high energy physics in Yukawa institute.

    High energy physics, especially superstrings

    Lumo believes in superstring theory, so he often and impatiently reads abstracts from new theoretical articles about the high energy physics on server xxx.lanl.gov. These abstracts are mirrored also in Italy.

    Gates to (not only) American world of business

    Who does not know monsters of the commercial world like Coca-Cola, PEPSIcola, Cadillac, Honda, Volkswagen, Audi, Ford, Opel, BMW (in Germany), Saab (in Sweden), Microsoft, Borland, Lotus, Novell, Wordperfect, IBM, Atari, Dell, Apple, Grundig (in Germany), Zanussi, Philips, Mitsubishi, Sony, AGFA, BASF (in Germany), Panasonic, Intel or for instance movie companies in Hollywood or Paramount pictures. Really an impressive amount of knowledge is available in Encyclopedia Britannica.
    In Czech republic also many companies enter internet, including Czech energetical company, Telecom, ...

    Did someone say "e-mail"?

    Send a letter to Lumo, his mailbox is overflowing only five days a week.

    Just for fun I enumerate some addresses: hostels' unix, Karlin unix, unix at Mala Strana, Troja unix, novell at Karlin, novell at Karlov, novell at Mala Strana, Milada in Troja, central alias.
    Composed by LUMO 3.března 1995