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Welcome to Lumo's fifth birthday party!

I did not always look like today. For example about five years ago I was born and I was ugly as the most babies of this age are. On the photo the body on the left side is mine while the right one is my mother. Her name is Jana Motlova, before wedding she was called "Kolihova". She was born in June 4th, 1948 and she works in a university's library. (If you click to any photo, it will be zoomed.)
It was hard to be a baby. People around wanted me to use closets for children and so on. Perhaps you know that and some people do that still. So for instance, I will not vote for the republican's leader Mr Bean Sladek in the elections. Are you interested why so many people like the Civic democratic party (ODS)? Look at the photos and you will see one of these birds.

At this snap I am sitting on a mean of snow-transport and my father drived me probably on the Bolevak lake. We were riding also our car on the Bolevak lake when it was frozen - and sometimes also I was driving.
These times were quite amusing. We visited many interesting sightseeings and played various games there.
Daddy is called Miloslav Motl and was born in March 27th, 1948. Now he makes businesses in the clothes-cleaning industry, but he has worked in many professions during his life since he is skillful in many aspects. He changes his car often and such a car is usually in a better state than in the beginning, so it can be often sold for more money than the prize of buying. Now he has his about 43rd car.

The first class at the basic school

If you need to point where am I among my classmates, I am the one in the right upper corner. The first two years of basic school I spent in the school across our street. We spent hours by many adventural trips with our gang containing me, Ota Kasalicky (the blond guy on the left side just below our teacher Mrs Chvojkova) and Franta Brantl (in the middle of the upper row). Roudna was our kingdom. We had secret rooms under the terrain, magical trees and other joys there.
One day Ota and Franta needed to urine. So they stood on a high well visible point in order to make their activity more dignified. Unfortunately, a gang of Roudna's gipsies appeared. It was led by a rude boy called Bugosh. We had to stay in a queue and every person of the gang practised a painful thing on every of our bodies. Bugosh promised us that the one of us who will not cry will be released as the first. After about three rounds Ota and afterwards also Franta began to cry. Bugosh in spite of his promise released them and I was used as Bugosh gang's toy following 60 minutes. Of course, the following day I was hero.
Once Ota was also punished by the text below written to his pupil's book. He smiles to Lubos that Lubos has small muscles.
On the left side you see me with my (female) friend Tereza at some lake, where we were sending boats.

Let's finish on the 5th birthday party again...

Did you say something, Albert, about that Gods never throw a dice? It suffices to have a look at the experiment carried by me on the right side and you will understand that not only God throw a dice, but sometimes he throws them where none can see them. God is simply a big comician.

I appologize for the lower quality of the photograph on the left side: the paper version was also of lower quality. How can I comment it? Really I do not know...

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Made by LUMO Friday, April 5th, 1996

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