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Lubos Lumo Motl

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Which page will get the MISS between WWW pages?

Someone included also this home page between the pages nominated for the Miss page autumn 1995 which is a competition in our Czech country. Visitors of this page will be informed about the news in this competition regularly.

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Academic Senate

Lumo has been successfully elected to the Academic Senate of our faculty. Its home page is available in Lumo's directory at this moment.

You can find almost anything with Lumo and Lycos: Search options | Formless
Really, try to write anything here: Borivojek, Vaclav Havel, Superstring... and probably you will not be disappointed by the result. Their database is approximately ten times as large as their nearest competitors'. It's sufficient to enter the words, characterizing the object of your interest, in any order and Lycos will find many pages speaking about these words and it will prefer those who refer to more words given by you, pages where the words are more important, closer to each other and so on.

Get back to the previous welcome page or the home page of CESNET. You can also search together with Yahoo. Tato stranka je take dostupna v cestine, a to i s hacky. This file is stored both in Mala Strana (we have replaced the pages onto the central server), and Karlin. And (which is new) also in Troja, even in the lab in the school canteen. Similar level of importance as this homepage remains a domain of White House, CIA, Playboy and Penthouse only.

Some data about Lumo.

Lumo lives in Pilsen, where also the server Odysseus has WWW pages.
  • Birthday: December 5, 1973
  • Address home: Lubos Motl, Krizkova 5, 301 64 Plzen 1-Roudna, tel. CZ(019)533117
  • Address to college: VS koleje 17.listopadu, Patkova 3, 182 00 Praha 8-Liben, room B806, tel.CZ(02)8551040-9, line 376
  • Height: 178 cm (that is 5'10")
  • Weight: cca 65 kg (that is 143 pounds)
  • Hair: brown
  • Eyes: brown
  • Currently studying at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics at the Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic - majoring in Theoretical and Mathematical Physics. This faculty has its buildings in Mala Strana, where many pages are available (on central server), in Karlin, in Troja (also in the school canteen) and Karlov.
    You can get a lot of information about people from MFF.CUNI here, including the new Chinese login names.
  • Hobbies: physics, computers, music (lyrics at ftp.leo.org), playing piano, walks in nature, writing poetry, stairs-jogging, mathematics (do you watch the history of the Fermat's Last Theorem?); sometimes I contribute to the Pictures of the Yellow Roses, a magazine of our faculty
  • Marital status: never been.
  • Relationship status: in love, but I've heard that she is not the girl for me.
  • Why Lumo? Well, it's just an abbreviation of his full name Lubos~ Motl.

    Lubos has almost nothing to do with Lumo - The Magic of Finnish Cinema.
    (Lumo means "Charm" in Finnish.)

    You can click on the country your are interested in.

    Accounts on Unix machines

    Lumo connects sometimes to server Diana in Troja, also to Csmat in Karlin and to few BBS's: Sigma in Jindrichuv Hradec (University of South Bohemia), Floyd in Olomouc, Cool in Mala Strana, Auggie in Minnesota, A1fel at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of CTU and (which is the most frequent) to Liane in Liberec, where MadGeorge works as SysOp. And in order not to forget, I mention my accounts on Mala Strana unix machines ulab-1, ulab-2, ulab-3, ulab-4, ulab-5, ulab-6, ulab-7, ulab-8.

    Here are the main Internet services MadGeorge runs.

    Liane BBS where you can anonymous ftp site at the University of Technology, Liberec (ftp.vslib.cz) (maintained together with other folks)
    Netfind server which can find people on the Internet.
    NoseyParker server which can find files in Cesnet
    World-wide Veronica server which can find and index files in Gopherspace
    Cesnet Veronica server which can find and index files in Cesnet Gopherspace
    Harvest server which can gather, process and index files wherever on the Internet.

    Academic institutions outside Bohemia

    Lumo's uncle Jerry Koliha teachs maths in Melbourne. But also Princeton, Carnegie Mellon University, Caltech (especially theory group), School of Natural Sciences sound interesting to Lumo's ears. Lumo is subscribed to a hep conference in Yukawa institute, Kyoto.

    High energy physics, especially superstrings

    Lumo believes in the superstring theory, so he scans abstracts of new theoretical articles about the high-energy physics on server xxx.lanl.gov. These abstracts are mirrored in Italy, too.

    Links to the USA world of business

    Who does not want to have a look at pages of famous companies like Coca-Cola, Cadillac, Microsoft, Borland, Lotus, Novell, Wordperfect, IBM, Dell, Apple, Sony, Intel or for example movies producing companies as Hollywood or e.g. Paramount pictures. A really impressing amount of knowledge you can find in Encyclopedia Britannica.

    Did someone say E-Mail?

    Send some mail to Lumo, his mailbox is overflowing five days a week only.

    In order to be a bit funny, I enumerate some of my addresses: Karlin unix, Mala Strana unix, Troja unix, Novell Karlin, Novell Karlov, Novell Mala Strana, Milada Troja, central alias.
    Made by LUMO March 3, 1995