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Lubos Lumo Motl


  • Name: Lubos Motl (WhoWhere item), member of MOTL league, I am an alien.
  • Jefferson Physical Laboratory, Harvard University
  • e-mail: or
  • The main home page, so-called the center of multimedial decadence
  • PhD degree from Department of Physics and Astronomy of the Rutgers University, NJ, USA.
  • My thesis is here: Nonperturbative formulations of superstring theory.

    Lubos Motl
    Dpt. of Physics and Astronomy
    Rutgers University
    Piscataway, NJ 08855-0849

    Assistentship in the Prof. Tom Banks's group

  • Department of theoretical physics: click here to get to its home page
  • Faculty of Mathematics and Physics at the Charles University
  • College of 17.listopadu, tel.(0(0420)2)8551040, ext. 376
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    Publication activities

  • Preprints from CERN database.
  • TeX sources are also available in my directories, click here.
  • Superstring home page of John Pierre.
  • List with numbers of citations.
  • hep-th/9510105: Two-parametric zeta function regularization in superstring theory
  • hep-th/9612198: Quaternions and M(atrix) theory on spaces with boundaries
  • hep-th/9701025: Proposals on non-perturbative superstring interactions
  • hep-th/9703218, T.Banks, L.Motl: Heterotic Strings from Matrices, published in JHEP, the Journal of High Energy Physics
  • hep-th/9708083, L.Motl, L.Susskind: Finite N Heterotic Matrix Models and Discrete Light Cone Quantization
  • hep-th/9803108, O.Ganor, L.Motl: Equations of the (2,0) theory and Knitted Fivebranes, published in JHEP
  • hep-th/9811194, T.Banks, W.Fischler, L.Motl: Dualities versus Singularities, published in JHEP
  • hep-th/9904008, L.Motl, T.Banks: On the Hyperbolic Structure of Moduli Spaces with 16 SUSYs, published in JHEP
  • hep-th/9910164, L.Motl, T.Banks: A Nonsupersymmetric Matrix Orbifold, published in JHEP
  • hep-th/0007206, L.Motl, M.Dine, T.Banks: On Anthropic Solutions of the Cosmological Constant Problem published in JHEP
  • hep-th/0107002, L.Motl: Melvin Matrix Models
  • hep-th/0110146, N.Arkani-Hamed, A.Cohen, D.B.Kaplan, A.Karch, L.Motl: Deconstructing (2,0) and Little String Theories
  • hep-th/0205089, N.Constable, D.Freedman, M.Headrick, S.Minwalla, L.Motl, A. Postnikov, W.Skiba: PP-wave String Interactions from Perturbative Yang-Mills Theory
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